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Universal Infrastructure Development Company (UIDC) has grown to be the trusted choice for home owners. It continues to pride itself in service excellence and quality assurance with a personal touch. We work towards building long-term relationships and strive to bring utmost value to all customers and friends with sincerity, honesty and quality assurance.

UIDC will always operate with clients’ best interests at heart and will work out issues together. At every level of our organization, you will find that our people bring passion, enthusiasm, expertise and commitment to everything they do.


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Vision & Mission

UIDC is visionering a new india with a new face of indian infrastructure

VISION - Creating Landmarks, Building Values.   Big dreams rooted in practicality is what helps us translate our dreams into reality. We are conscious of the fact that every project we deliver has an obvious impact on the economy, infrastructure and society. We believe ours is a never ending journey of innovation and learning and the body of knowledge from each project we work on is invaluable in our evolution. And as we create landmarks, we never lose focus on building values.


Truthfully assist governments, corporate, societies and individuals in building structures and spaces that will inspire them to give their best. Harnessing the power of the human spirit concurrently with superior technology to optimize value for our clients seeking to be driven by our conscience in every aspect of our business.


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